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Alex begun his career in HVAC industry more than two decades ago starting as a novice installer and quickly moved up to foreman followed by project management and most recently into executive management and CEO.He has an eager character that enjoys learning and trying

new things. This gives him opportunities to find ways to build his industry skillset for growth. Mechanical engineering runs in his DNA – from his dad who is an engineer and being an HVAC project manager for over 20 years all the way back to his grandfather who was a navy engineer. Alex possesses a great deal of stamina, focus and a vision to make big impact. He believes that those who are aware of their personal talents and tendencies are the most effective people. These people are the best at coming up with plans to meet and exceed the demands of their daily obligations, professions, and families. His blend of skills that he acquired through his career evolution truly makes him a subject matter expert in all things pertaining to the HVAC industry. He works with his clients and partners seamlessly to give the best customer experience possible. Alex is a dad of 3 young boys that keep him busy at all other times. Spending time with his family is a big priority to him. Alex loves playing sports, working out, being outdoors and visiting new places.


Geoff GraupmanN

Geoff is a project manager turned small business owner who brings a unique perspective to the HVAC
industry due to his military experience. He has spent nearly a decade successfully managing HVAC construction projects from Pre-Con to Close-out on both plan and spec and design/build jobs. 

He has provided critical design analysis and value engineering to the clients he has worked with and has come up with creative solutions to achieve the design team’s intent and objectives. Geoff has successfully managed tens of millions of dollars in contracts covering hundreds of residential units, high end condo units, senior living units, student housing, office and commercial space, and even an actual chocolate factory. Geoff began his career by graduating Cal Poly SLO with a bachelor’s degree in business while having already enlisted in the Army. He spent nearly two years completing the training required to join the U.S. Army Special Forces. He spent time overseas training foreign militaries including the special operations forces of NATO partner nations as well as two combat rotations to Afghanistan. These experiences ingrained in him the need to plan for contingencies and the ability to make decisive decisions in a timely manner, often with limited information. This is also where he developed and honed his leadership abilities, problem solving skills, and dedication to the objective. Along with his wife, Geoff enjoys watching their two sons play little league, outdoor cooking, strength training, and jujitsu.


Head of Business Development and Marketing

Olga comes to the construction industry with over 20 years of management experience in the tech industry in the heart of Silicon Valley. She holds an MBA degree from Hult International Business School with
Dean's Award for Academic Excellence.

She is laser focused on developing strategic relationships with General Contractors to create long lasting partnerships. She has designed, built, and implemented strategic programs that helped customers migrate into new environments which produced cost savings. She is known in the industry for her strategic and analytical skills where she can take on any challenge and successfully deliver on the outcome in the shortest amount of time. Olga is customer centered, insists on the highest standards, and thinks big. She pushes herself over the limits to continue strengthen her character. She mentors many young and mid-career professional that feel stuck and don’t know how to move next in their career path. Olga has 3 young sons that she is raising along with her husband, loves crazy HIIT workouts and enjoys traveling to white sand beaches.



For over 30 years we have been consistently providing a superior level of personalized service by putting our customers first. The second generation of LIAS continues with Alex and Geoff, who continue to build on a legacy of excellence. Our commitment to integrity, customer satisfaction, and the highest building standards make us an ideal choice for your building needs.

Our entire team takes a great level of responsibility toward our customers and shares a high-level commitment to our core values - working to earn and keep our customers’ trust. We develop high-performing people to deliver successful projects.

We specialize in the installation of energy-efficient HVAC systems to save energy and costs.


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